National Citizen Survey Results

The Town of Gilbert recently received the results of the National Citizen Survey.  The survey is a collaborative effort between National Research, Inc. and the International City/County Management Association. It provides us an opportunity to assess the quality of life and customer service attitudes in our community and to compare ourselves against local and national benchmarks. The National Citizen Survey replaced the Town of Gilbert Head of Household Survey this year.

Overall, Gilbert did very well, 31 of 35 town services exceeded the national benchmark.  Only one service, drinking water, ranked below the national average. The following information is from the survey and pertains to overall quality of life and to police services in Gilbert:

  • 98% rated Gilbert as an excellent or good place to live.
  • 96% rated Gilbert as excellent or good in regard to overall quality of life.
  • 92% rated the overall image or reputation of Gilbert as excellent or good.
  • 91% felt safe from violent crime.
  • 79% felt safe from property crime.
  • 95% felt safe in their neighborhoods during the day.
  • 90% felt safe in their neighborhoods at night.
  • 7% reported being the victim of a crime, of which, 90% of the crimes were reported.
  • 86% felt safe driving on roadways in Gilbert
    • 80% feeling safe in regard to speed
    • 62% feeling safe in regard to aggressive driving
    • 57% feeling safe regarding impaired driving.
  • 92% rated police service as excellent or good.
  • 85% rated crime prevention services as excellent or good.
  • 79% rated traffic enforcement as excellent or good.
  • 77% rated the value of services for the taxes paid as excellent or good.
  • 90% felt that the Town of Gilbert provides excellent or good services
  • (compared to 52% for the State of Arizona and 41% for the federal government)
  • 81% trust Town government officials.

Overall, our department, local government, and community can be very proud of these results.  They demonstrate that the majority of our citizens have trust and confidence in their local government and their police department; they feel safe in their homes, their neighborhoods, and on their roadways.  All of you, along with our partnership with the community, are directly responsible for these accomplishments. Your efforts do not go unnoticed.

Two articles were recently published regarding issues of concern related to the safety and wellness of law enforcement officers. The University of Nevada at Las Vegas published the findings of a study into automobile related deaths and injuries to law enforcement officers. Traffic related incidents were the leading cause of fatalities to officers for 14 of the last 15 years. Speed, distracted driving, and failure to wear safety belts were identified as the leading causes of death and serious injuries. Half of officers who have been killed in traffic collisions were not wearing safety belts.

This department has an excellent safety record with an exceptionally low ratio of collisions per miles driven. We have made driving safety a major focus of our department in an effort to increase safety for our officers and the public, and to reduce collision related claims and costs associated with repairs. Effective policies are in place and are adhered to by the vast majority of our employees. Thank you for your efforts in this area.


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