Tactics, Training, People and Partnerships

I am often asked how we are able to maintain such low crime rates in Gilbert with the very low staffing levels in the police department, as compared to other communities. My answer is “Good Tactics, Good Training, Good People and Good Partnerships.”

Our police department is constantly updating and revising our tactics and procedures based on best practices in policing. We combine the principles of community policing and intelligence-led policing in order to deploy our personnel in an effective and efficient manner, to identify and solve community problems and concerns, and to detect and deter criminal activity. Our tactics focus on crime prevention through community education and proactive patrol, while minimizing use of force. Our goal is to take care of the good people in our community while sending a clear message to those who victimize our citizens that we will actively work to locate, arrest and prosecute them. We have developed a reputation for being fair, but firm, in the enforcement of the law.

Our officers and employees receive on-going training to maintain high levels of proficiency. Criminal investigators receive extensive training in the investigation of complex crimes, utilizing funds seized from drug traffickers to minimize the cost to our citizens. Tactical officers maintain high levels of proficiency in order to bring high risk operations to a successful conclusion, while minimizing the risk to the public, officers and suspects. Officers are prepared to use the force which is necessary to protect the public and themselves while utilizing the minimum force necessary to control situations and to de-escalate hostile situations, when possible.

The majority of our community is comprised of good people who care about their families, neighborhoods and community. There is a strong sense of pride in our Town. We work very hard to hire the right people to serve this great community. As stated in our mission statement, we strive to “serve as law enforcement leaders in protecting and assisting all people in our community through effective problem solving, professional service and the relentless pursuit of those who victimize our citizens and compromise public safety.” Our selection process for police officers and civilian support staff focuses on identifying individuals who believe in our mission statement and are committed to serving others. Community policing principals focus on the relationship between the police and the community. The police must maintain the trust of the community through transparency, effective communication, honesty and integrity. We strongly encourage people to report suspicious activity and to look out for their neighbors. We must respond to calls for service in a timely and professional manner, in order to maintain the confidence of our citizens. We stress the importance of treating people with dignity and respect, even during difficult situations, and to demonstrate compassion, when possible. Our police department has developed outstanding partnerships with neighboring police departments and our state and federal partners. East valley police chiefs have a strong belief that it does not matter who catches the criminal, as long as the criminal gets caught. We openly share resources and information in order to increase levels of safety in all of our communities.

The vision statement of the Gilbert Police Department reads: “Gilbert- A community where people feel safe in their homes, in public places and on our roadways.” Working together, we can fulfill this vision.


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